Monday, November 22, 2010

Embers' Keyboardist, Lillian Phaeton, Leaves the Band.

Embers regrets to announce that keyboardist, Lillian Phaeton, will no longer be playing with the band. Lillian's keyboards are featured on all Embers recordings including the upcoming album due to be released next year.

Also, violist Nine's hiatus has become permanent. Embers is currently playing as a four piece featuring drums, bass, guitars, and vocals.

In light of this, Embers also announces that they are seeking a new member(s):

1. melodic instrumentation: someone who plays a melodic instrument(s) including but not limited to strings and/or keyboards.

2. multimedia:  someone who can do multimedia including, but not limited to, projections, sampling, noise, and/or other visual and sonic performances.

Ideally, Embers is seeking someone who plays both a melodic instrument and is capable of doing multimedia.

All inquiries should be via email to

Thank you everyone for your support while Embers goes through this transition!

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