Saturday, September 11, 2010

Embers at Burnt Ramen playing Awakening (featuring Nine)

This video is pretty old, but it has the complete line-up before Nine's permanent hiatus with the band. Again if you or anyone you know plays the strings and is interested in playing with us then contact us.

Two nights of gigs, an upcoming record, Fall Into Darkness, and seeking violist.

We just completed two nights of shows last night. On Thursday we played with Somnolence, Speed of Darkness, and Crucifixion.

The show was a double benefit for a Navajo medical clinic and Street Level Health Project in Oakland. El Rio was pretty full and the sound that night was terrific. All the bands sounded amazing, and turnout was good.

Of course the downside was the tiny stage. It seems that we are consistently on stages we can barely fit on. It's a constant struggle with two guitars and a keyboardist.

It was even more challenging with a viola player. Despite this we are still looking for a string player so if you know anyone who might fit with Embers send them our way. At least the Metro and DNA lounge have stages large enough to accommodate, but I digress.

The next night we played at the Red Hat in Concord. It was a sports bar with tons of televisions which is always a downer. You know, you're on stage and then you get sucked into a rerun of Gilligan's Island or whatever. Then you have to close your eyes and block it out, but the glowing orb is still there taunting you.

Fortunately I was able to disable the big screen behind the bands playing old kung fu movies. Aside from that the sound was great; slightly more open sounding than El Rio, but nice in it's own way.

All the bands played well. It was kind of a Smörgåsbord of extreme music. Punk, metal, and power violence. Bumbklaatt thoroughly annihilated. They play very aggressive hardcore punk (crust?) with pounding drums.

Now we are back to focusing on the upcoming album. We recorded much of the music back in June, but we have been slowly mixing. Mixing with Salvador from Earhammer is interesting. It's more of a collaborative process. He spends a lot of time refining the mix with us out of the studio. We then come in to see what he's done and work on it for a while and then leave again. It's a slow process, but it has its advantages.

We should be finished in the coming month or so, and then we will send advance copies to labels for consideration. If you know of a label which might be interest contact us.

The only other thing coming up is Fall Into Darkness in Portland. We will be playing with Rabbits, The Need, and Fauna on October 8th. We are organizing a super-mini tour around this festival with dates in Eureka, Seattle, and possibly Eugene. If you know anyone booking metal in Eugene, OR let us know because we have nothing confirmed at the moment.