Monday, June 27, 2011

Top Ten Metal and Crust Blogs

Embers has received a great deal of support from independent and underground blogs since we started our page at where you can listen to and download most of our music. This has been especially helpful since we launched our pre-release of our upcoming album Shadows.

We've been able to track the blogs that have generated the greatest amount of traffic to our music and these are the top blogs. We are flattered to have such eclectic support.


Number of hits on Embers bandcamp page: 468

As the name implies this blog covers metal with an infusion of humor and tounge-in-cheek style. The substance does not suffer from this. Although there is a good amount of humor, much self deprecating, this blog covers a wide array of underground metal. The reviews are in depth. The interviews are good, especially if you want insights into the music writing, recording, and performing processes of your favorite underground artists. The interviews do not get political or philosophical, but they do try to unearth behind the scenes information.

Embers was originally featured on a recurring episode entitled "freeloader" where metalsucks features something they recommend that you can enjoy for free. Later Shadows was given an in depth review.

Invisible Oranges

Number of hits: 381

Invisible Oranges covers new and old music. There is a lot of coverage of extreme and underground metal projects. Many of the articles also cover issues regarding the metal culture, metal identity, and social trends. There are record and show reviews as well as interviews, but there are also articles on gender, age, race, as well as other topics of a more philosophical bend. This eclectic blog has something for everyone. You can read some thought provoking articles or find the latest on festivals, new releases, and news.

It was due to a suggestion from Cosmo of Invisible Oranges that Embers started our bandcamp page in the first place. We were mentioned in articles entitled, "Sign Them Already" (we're still holding out) and "Every Band Should Have a Bandcamp". We are grateful for this advice.

Crust or Die

Number of hits: 318

Crust or Die is a Spanish language blog which focuses on crust-punk but includes a lot of metal with crust and punk influences such as Embers. The blog has tons of music featuring free music. Since Shadows is available for a donation our pre-release fits within this free music focus.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

His Hero Is Gone interview by Dominik Gerszberg (RIP)

There was rumor going around that His Hero is Gone was playing a reunion show soon. Apparently this rumor was just a prank.

His Hero is Gone recorded their last record after Lesser of Two (Kelly and Steve from Embers' former band) recorded at Polymorph Studios. Kelly, Steve, and our good friend Dominik Gerszberg (RIP) met up with them and had this conversation. Dominik never put out the interview in his lifetime, and we just uncovered this tape recently.

If you haven't heard HHIG then you should check them out. Here's a video of them live:

Kelly and Steve