Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embers is Now Booking a Southwest Tour

Embers will be touring from April 8 through April 16 for a quick South West or So Cal tour. Right now we're not sure if it's a Southwest Tour or a So Cal Tour because we haven't confirmed any out of state shows yet. That said if anyone out there wants Embers to come your way and live in the general area I'm describing please contact us as soon as possible because we still have some open dates to fill.

On other news we have heard the re-mixed rough mix of half of our upcoming album and everything is sounding good. We will have our album mixed and mastered before this upcoming tour and will be doing the pre-release free streaming and free download event prior to hitting the road.

The possibility of having a limited edition self released album on vinyl may or may not happen before then, but that depends a great deal on timing and logistics.

If you want to reach out to us on any of these plans drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Oh and this map below is a possible tour route depending on who steps up to the plate to book some shows for us. If you live in any of these towns and want to help please contact us.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Embers has been laying low since losing our keyboardist Lillian Phaeton, but there is still a lot going on. We're mixing our new album, playing some upcoming shows, planning for a tour to coincide with the release of our new album, and brainstorming to figure out what kind of configuration our line-up will become since losing both our violist and keyboardist.

The Album

We have been working on a new full length album since completing our last tour. This is the first album without Nine's viola and the last to feature Lillian Phaeton's keyboards. We have been playing many of the songs on this album live so a quick search of the web will produce some live footage of the new material. The album is being recorded and mixed at Earhammer Studios by Salvador Raya as were our first album as well as our split L.P.

Sal hard at work mixing some other bands album.
Progress on the mixing has been pretty slow due mainly to us deciding prior to finalizing the mix to start all over. At first we wanted to use only our live guitar tracks, but we decided that the tone pretty much sucked so we recorded an entire second layer of guitars. We also re-did the entire drum mix and equalization as well. Hopefully we won't kill each other when we return to re-finalize the mix. If we decided not to re-start over we should be able to pre-release the album by the end of February, but more on that later.

Upcoming Shows

So after taking some time off from live performances we have confirmed two upcoming shows. One is a benefit for Melanie Chavarria RIP at 924 Gilman with Brainoil on February 26, 2011. The other is with Alarich and Vastum on March 25 at the Church of  thee Buzzard.

The benefit at Gilman is to raise money for the child of Melanie Chavarria who passed away relatively recently.

Melanie Chavarria RIP