Monday, November 8, 2010

I Had the Weirdest Dream Last Night!

Have you ever had one of those dreams like you're at school, and everything seems normal. In an instant you suddenly realize that your not wearing any pants and notice that everyone is laughing at you.

Well, I had one of those dreams last night.

In the dream Embers was playing a show with an awesome line up. We were playing with two of the most crushing bands around; the Makai, and One in the Chamber. Of course this is the first sign that this whole thing is a dream because an awesome line up like that doesn't happen in real life, and get this Embers is headlining. Crazy huh.

how my guitar felt in the dream
Well, anyway. The dream starts out with me wandering around the venue. There are all these weird doors and winding hallways in the back of the warehouse. There's even a door opening out to a 10 foot drop straight into the merch room. Weird.

So the first band plays. They're called Hammerlock, and they are playing punk, but then at another moment it seems like they're playing Irish folk music. I know it doesn't make sense. Clearly a dream, but there I am wandering around these winding corridors searching for coffee, and lo and behold I find a fresh pot of coffee in a kitchen just past the door to nowhere.

Then One in the Chamber plays. They play amazing crushing spooky metal like One in the Chamber would in real life. The only difference is they only have one bass player, and everyone knows One in the Chamber has TWO bass players. You'd think I'd realize this was a dream at this point, but you know how it is in a dream you just accept the most preposterous things as a matter of fact.

Then the Makai plays. The thing that tips of this is a dream is that the Makai totally annihilates (which is normal), but I look around and everyone is just standing there like deer in the headlights. Not even a head bob much lest a fist pump. It's just me front and center acting like a fool. At least I'm wearing pants in this dream. Of course from time to time my band mates wander up and join me in a fist pump or two.

Then Embers plays. OK, so this is where I realize it's like the no-pants-in-high-school type dream. So we start playing and the songs seem all different from how they are supposed to go. The notes aren't synchronized like they are in our real songs. Also, when I play my guitar it's hard to tell where to put my fingers, and when I play the weirdest sounds come out of my guitar that aren't anything like what they are supposed to sound like.

The worst part is everyone is staring at me, even my band mates. But I just keep playing because I don't know what else to do. After a while it's over. I drink a beer, and suddenly there I am in bed waking up from this horrible dream.

Pretty weird eh.

I told Timm about my dream, and he told me that all of that really happened the night before. Timm's such a kidder.

Now I need to figure out why I have such a bad headache.

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