Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Reasons Why Embers Made a Metal Kitten Video

10 Reasons Why Embers Made a Metal Kitten Video

1. To expand our market penetration into the lol kitty market. Duh!

Well, maybe that's a little silly, but I'm sure that someone out there is going to google search "metal kittens". It's just cool knowing we're in the top ten hits for videos when you search that.

2. To have an excuse to post our music somewhere.

Hey, it's hard being a DIY metal band. Some people said the internet would change all that. You know democratize the media. Well, it's worth a shot to try and get our music out there.

3. Because some people just want to hear music and the video is superfluous.

A lot of people, myself included, go to youtube to listen to music becasue ause unlike music streaming sites you can control what you listen to. It's often better than, and for that purpose it really doesn't matter what the video portion is so ... Why not!

4. Because although we take our music seriously we don't take ourselves seriously.

To many people in the metal and heavy music scene take themselves way to seriously. We are passionate about our music, but that doesn't mean we have to be posers. Kittens is the opposite of rock star mentality. Well, except for the kittens.

5. To be the first black metal kitty video... well almost.

I figured that if I was thinking about it so were other people, and I wanted to get this out there while it was fresh on my mind. It would really suck to wait a few months and realize 20 other bands had already done it. So far I haven't seen a video exactly like this one. 

6. Procrastinating other important things I need to do.

OK you caught me. I should have been studying. It's just that I sit down to study, and then I get anxiety and then I mess around on the computer, and then it's 2 AM, and I haven't gotten anything done. I feel like such a loser. Well at least now I have a metal kitten video to show for my procrastination.

7. Because certain people we know are secretly obsessed with kitten videos.

Seeing the smile on their face is worth it. Now they think we love kittens as much as they do. That could be a mixed blessing. They'll be less likely to get angry at us for not washing the dishes, but they may make us sit in front of the computer with them to watch kitten videos.

8. Because I've never made a video before.

So, it's a lot easier than I thought. Video editing software comes as part of the Windows software package. Shit, I feel old now because I remember when this technology was state of the art. Ask Kelly about the Lesser of Two video she did in 2002.

9. To see if people want us to do more videos.

Do you?

10. To remind/inform people that Embers exists.

If you've gotten this far I think it succeeded. We are mixing a new album, and a new more serious video is on it's way.

Direct all complaints/compliments to Steve because it's my fault.

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  1. Excuses, excuses! But really, I loved it Steve. We are all guilty of taking ourselves too seriously. Have you seen my art? Its all about kitsch, satire and our guilty pleasures of being amused by such absurdity. No shame in all factors of our creativity. I'm glad you used imagery against the grain of the genre. Keep it up!