Monday, December 13, 2010

Squatters 1, Owners 1 (Everyone Loses)

Yesterday, the "owners"/absentee landlords mounted another violent assault against the Safehouse. There were over a dozen people attacking while only a handful of people were home. Two large men guarded both entrances threatening to beat anyone up who tried to enter.

There were fewer supporters so a counter-attack was not feasible. It appears there are some backbiting armchair anarchists spreading disinformation about the Safehouse. If anyone knows the individual who posted this blog ( I would love to meet them. It would be nice to know who is responsible for this slanderous character assassination.

I, unlike this person, will not write anonymous, back stabbing posts on the internet.

Right now the Safehouse and it's residents need our solidarity! Now more than ever! Contact me if you want to help.

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