Monday, July 2, 2012

"Shadows" Double 12" L.P. Now Available by Mailorder!

Finally you can order "Shadows" in it's double LP format directly from Embers.

Mailorders of "Shadows" can be made at

"Shadows" Online Media Reviews:

"Probably one of the best releases of 2011 for me (even if 2011 hasn't ended yet). Great atmosphere, and an amazing mix of doom metal, blackened crust and even progressive rock - highly recommended!"
"Shadows improves on its predecessors by channeling Embers’ serpentine structures into more consistently thrilling songs.."
"The musical performances on Shadows are stellar. The drums can be extremely fast and brutal as well as lock into some serious groove.."
"I would just like to know one thing...where in the hell did Embers come from?"
"Fans have waited years for a full-length and little did they know they’d be receiving a magnum opus."

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