Saturday, May 14, 2011

"The" Saviours at Elis Tomorrow!

Every time I search for new Embers videos I search for "Embers Oakland", and every time this video by the Saviours pops up. This is because the Saviours are from Oakland and San Francisco and have a song called Embers.

What's more the song rocks. Well actually Saviours rock generally. They are playing tomorrow at Eli's Mile High club.

Now we hate it whenever someone calls us "The" Embers and I bet Saviours get that a lot too. Don't do it.

Also the drummer from Embers lent the drummer from the Saviours a kick pedal years ago and never got it back. We're wondering if the song "Raging Embers"is about the Embers drummer still being pissed off about not getting his pedal back and wanting to get revenge when he goes to Eli's to see them play!

Maybe Scott from Saviours has a crush on Jerry and is keeping the pedal as a memento. Or maybe Scott is taxing Jerry for being such a horrible drum student when Scott gave him lessons.

Regardless, Saviours rock and you should check them out!

Oh, and here's that video that keeps coming up in our web searches:

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