Friday, May 27, 2011

Lidtoker, Insidious, I Will Kill you Fucker, Stormcrow, and a Gatefold Sextuple Album

Lidtoker has members from Stormcrow, I Will Kill You Fucker, Exit Wound, and Insidious. I once saw Lidtoker at Hazmatt, and recall that during a pause in one of their songs the members left the room. They then came back and played the next note.

I tell you this because Lidtoker is one of the most epic stoner sludge doom bands around. The thing that makes Lidtoker interesting is that they don't just stay in one mood. There are numerous changes in tempo and rhythm, albeit all with a drug(ged) out stoner feel. Even the galloping drums seem to lurch more than drive. Of course against the backdrop of a fifteen minute rest between chord changes such lurching gallops seem like blast beats in comparison.

This video is a good example of Lidtoker playing fast:

Insidious was an amazing band with members from Exit Wound and Asunder. My old band Lesser of Two shared a practice space with them. The other guitarist, Seth, went on to form Destroy Judas in Los Angeles. Embers recently shared a stage with him. It was awesome to see him. Here's a classic video of their old band Insidious:

I Will Kill You Fucker features Greg Wilkinson from Brainoil and Laudanum who I mentioned here. You can figure out which member of which bands plays in which by process of elimination if you watch either of these awesome videos of IWKYF:

Hilarity from 2006:

Destruction and hospitality from 2008:

Recently I was speaking to the drummer who lists his name as "skunk" on Lidtoker's myspace. I will refer to him as "skunk" as well so as to maintain the mystery. Skunk also plays in the band I Will Kill You Fucker albeit under a different pseudonym. (I apologize for connecting both your alter egos).

Skunk informed me that Lidtoker has four new songs that have yet to be recorded. Each of these songs clocks in at around 60 minutes. It appears that the sticking point for recording these songs and releasing them is that the record labels that have offered to put out the record are not taking into consideration that this new album would consist of four hours of material.

Lidtoker could not possibly record this and put it out like any other album. Most bands show up in a studio record their basic tracks in a couple days, spend another couple days mixing, and within a week have 8 songs clocking in at around 5 1/2 minutes which fit nicely on 12 inch vinyl at 33 1/3 RPMs.

This model would not work for Lidtoker.

They would need as much as a month of studio time to record and mix, and even then the songs would take up 1 and 1/2 12 inch records subdividing each song into thirds at approximately 20 minutes per side.

Skunk seemed pretty discouraged about ever getting the album out, but I told him to go for it. "Tell the labels you need them to cover a full month of studio time, and the album will be a Sextuple 12 inch Gatefold." I said.

So I highly recommend any labels that have a roster of stoner, sludge, and or doom metal that you fork out some dough and put out the Lidtoker Sextuple Album before some other label beats you to the punch.

Since you will be paying for a month of studio time you might save money flying Lidtoker to a place where studio time is cheaper. I might suggest Thailand, Morocco, Netherlands, or Humboldt County.

Oh and of course there's Stormcrow. I have no idea what's going on with Stormcrow. They "reunited" for a minute and then disappeared again. Am I just living under a rock? This is the last known sighting that I'm aware of:


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