Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Acts of Sedition and Boneblack vs. Catheter and Agents of Satan on 5/20/11

Two amazing shows in one night here in Oakland, California. What to do. What to do. I'll tell you about both of them and let you decide.

Acts of Sedition and Boneblack
at the Swamp

So Acts of Sedition are the current maestros of hardcore punk chaos. They are a cacophonous whirlwind of drums laden with chainsaw guitars ripping your head open so they can scream in chorus directly into your brain. Acts of Sedition is one of my favorites of this genre. If you liked our previous band Lesser of Two then you will love them.

I first heard about Boneblack when Lesser of Two's old drummer Dave Earle's was visititng from out of town. He told me that he was good friends with Boneblack and asked for my help and advice to get them a show in Oakland. After a while I started corresponding with them via email swapping tour stories and booking contacts. It was through this conversation that they got in touch with Clint who booked the showand also drums for Acts of Sedition.

Otherwise I knew nothing of their music except what Dave told me which is that they are Anarcho-crust which is an accurate description. This video shows that they have not only mastered the genre, but play with heart. It's also awesome to see women taking the stage, because no matter how feminist bands in the punk scene may say they are it's still often a sausage party on stage.

This video is encouraging that this will be an awesome show!

Here's the flier that Kelly made for the show:

Catheter and Agents of Satan

I've known Catheter for years. If Acts of Sedition is a whirlwind of chainsaws then Catheter is an avalanche of jack hammers. Cathter plays grind ridden crust core with a whiff of doom.

I first saw Catheter play at Libertatia back in the late 90's. Lesser of Two played many shows with them. Whenever we drove through Colorado Heraldo always made sure we had an awesome show at an auto shop in the outskirts of town. Those are some great memories, and I am truly torn. 

Luckily I spoke with Clint and the Boneblack show is starting promptly at 7:30 so I may rush from one show to the other to catch up with Catheter even if it's just to touch base with old friends who have come a long way. Check out this classic video of Catheter at Gilman:

Now this is the downside of my plan to go to both shows. If I do I will miss numerous awesome bands. There is no way around it. One of the bands I'm concerned about missing is Agents of Satan. Now I will admit some ignorance here. I don't know enough about them to give you a sincere description. What I do know is that Sean from The Path Less Traveled Records said the were "Awesome!". Such enthusiasm has me wondering what I may be missing. This video furthers my sense of frustration:

 Here's the flier for this show:

So, you should go to at least one of these shows. Choose wisely.


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