Thursday, August 11, 2011

High on Fire, Black Cobra, Exhausted Prayer, Iconoclast Records, and more Embers news.

A lot has happened in the world of Embers this summer. Here are the headlines:

Embers to Play with High on Fire and Black Cobra in Oakland

Embers has known High on Fire for many years and we are happy to finally share the stage with them. Kelly and Steve's previous band Lesser of Two played many show with High on Fire, but it's been nearly a decade since their last show with them when Lesser of Two shared the stage with High on Fire and Mastodon on June 22, 2002 at the Velvet Lounge in Savannah, Georgia.

Embers will be opening followed by Black Cobra an up and coming two piece group from San Francisco. This will be the second time Embers has played a concert with Black Cobra. Ironically Embers' first show with Black Cobra was not in the Bay Area but rather in San Antonio, Texas. Black Cobra also features the guitarist from Cavity which Lesser of Two played with at a house show in San Jose on June 20, 1998.

The show will be at the Uptown in Oakland on August 27 so get your tickets while supplies last. You can purchase tickets physically at the Uptown located at 1928 Telegraph Ave. If you don't mind paying the small fee you can also purchase tickets online at:​3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dis​patch=loadSelectionData&ev​entId=3756465

"The Worst of All Possible Tours" with Exhausted Prayer

Embers is joining Los Angeles based Exhausted Prayer on their upcoming tour in support of their new album "The Worst of All Possible Worlds". The album title suggests a rejection of Leibnizian optimism also most notably rejected by Voltaire in many of his writings including his novel Candide which I recommend as a light yet thought provoking read.

Exhausted Prayer has been playing black/death metal in Los Angeles for over a decade and are one of the most respected bands down there. Embers had the privilege to share the stage with them on our recent tour through the Southwest. That bill also featured another amazing black metal group; Winterthrall.

Before Exhausted Prayer meets up with Embers they will be playing some shows up the coast as follows:

8/31 Rocks Bar          Laguna Niguel
9/1 Eli's Mile High Club         Oakland
9/2 Deadfest @  First Church of the Buzzard      Oakland
9/3 Monstro's Pizza         Chico

Embers then meets up with Exhausted Prayer for the following dates:

9/4 Lazarus Pit          Eugene
9/5  Track House        Olympia
9/7 The Saratoga          Portland
9/8 Galway Arms          Seattle
9/9 Blackwater Records          Portland

Iconoclast Records to Release Embers' Double Album "Shadows"

After two exclusive upcoming reissues on vinyl for Æsahættr and Eibon, Iconoclast ( will be releasing Shadows as a double LP early in 2012. Iconoclast is a sub-label of Agipunk which released Acephalix's new album Interminable Night. Iconoclast is a relatively new endeavor by the Agipunk crew devoted to release more of their crust and metal releases.

Embers will join other label mates such as:

Undead Creep
Black September
Fredag Den 13:E

Also, since Agipunk also has tour vans, equipment, and does booking Embers may be considering a European tour in support of this release sometime next year.

Nine Katechis (R.I.P.)

On a final and sad note, Nine Katechis violist for Embers passed away last month. She leaves behind a husband, two children, a loving family, and many dear friends. She will be dearly missed.