Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embers is Now Booking a Southwest Tour

Embers will be touring from April 8 through April 16 for a quick South West or So Cal tour. Right now we're not sure if it's a Southwest Tour or a So Cal Tour because we haven't confirmed any out of state shows yet. That said if anyone out there wants Embers to come your way and live in the general area I'm describing please contact us as soon as possible because we still have some open dates to fill.

On other news we have heard the re-mixed rough mix of half of our upcoming album and everything is sounding good. We will have our album mixed and mastered before this upcoming tour and will be doing the pre-release free streaming and free download event prior to hitting the road.

The possibility of having a limited edition self released album on vinyl may or may not happen before then, but that depends a great deal on timing and logistics.

If you want to reach out to us on any of these plans drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Oh and this map below is a possible tour route depending on who steps up to the plate to book some shows for us. If you live in any of these towns and want to help please contact us.

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