Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apparantly three shows is a minotaur.

So, I posed the question, "Does playing three shows constitute a tour?"

Response: "That's a minitaur"

Apparently, a very short tour is a mythical animal with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

Whatever you call it we had a great time this weekend playing in Eureka, Seattle, and Portland's Fall Into Darkness festival.

In Eureka the turnout was sparse, but enthusiastic. Apparently everyone disappeared this month into the mountains of Humboldt county. Perhaps the elvish fairies were scared by our minotaur.I was told there were other reasons everyone was frolicking in nature, but everyone knows elves lie.

When we arrived at Fall Into Darkness we were greeted with a line of eager fans circling the block. Unfortunately we soon realized they were not music fans, but rather fans of vegan doughnuts. The show had a pretty good turnout nonetheless. Fauna were amazing, and it appeared the admiration is mutual.

After all Fauna (aka Pan) is also a half man half beast much like our minotaur.

Finally, we made it to Seattle where we met Black Queen. It was a long journey and Black Queen certainly fulfilled our quest for metal.

The show was filled with an overwhelming number of friends we'd met over the years from our previous adventures. To many to mention by name.

The next day we discovered that Chris Control from Nux Vomica is an amazing karaoke singer, but that's a different story.

Photos will be forthcoming...

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