Monday, July 2, 2012

"Shadows" Double 12" L.P. Now Available by Mailorder!

Finally you can order "Shadows" in it's double LP format directly from Embers.

Mailorders of "Shadows" can be made at

"Shadows" Online Media Reviews:

"Probably one of the best releases of 2011 for me (even if 2011 hasn't ended yet). Great atmosphere, and an amazing mix of doom metal, blackened crust and even progressive rock - highly recommended!"
"Shadows improves on its predecessors by channeling Embers’ serpentine structures into more consistently thrilling songs.."
"The musical performances on Shadows are stellar. The drums can be extremely fast and brutal as well as lock into some serious groove.."
"I would just like to know one thing...where in the hell did Embers come from?"
"Fans have waited years for a full-length and little did they know they’d be receiving a magnum opus."

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Embers new video for Shadows!!!

This song is off the new Embers album "Shadows". The videos are all creative commons video projects from Flickr. You can access more music and merchandise at

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Embers European tour dates‏

Embers will be on tour in Europe from May 25th through June 10th. To read more about updated tour dates and places you can go to In an effort to raise money to buy our plane tickets, we are encouraging Embers's fans to download our new album, "Shadows" for a donation and/or to purchase beautifully crafted Embers illustrations on T-shirtst, Long Sleeves and Patches here:

We hope to see you on the road!
Thanks and Cheers~

Links to the rest of our sites are listed below:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embers' Master Recording is Lost in the Italian Post!!!

Embers versus the Italian post!!! Where is the Embers master recording?!?! It never arrived with Iconoclast. We're still waiting. No news yet, but we need it to show up before our tour.

Embers is raising money to get our asses to Europe for an upcoming tour in May. Buy our AWESOME merchandise!!! T-shirts, long-sleeves, C.D.'s, records or whatever you want. We'll just make it. All our merch has dark iconic imagery.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Squatter's Life

This article, written by Embers guitarist Steven DeCaprio, originally appeared on Invisible Oranges a heavy metal blog.

I met Mila in 1999 at La Scintilla, a squat in Modena, Italy. I was on tour with my previous band Lesser of Two. Mila runs a number of labels including Agipunk, Break the Chains, and Iconoclast. Recently Iconoclast agreed to release Embers’ upcoming album, Shadows.

La Scintilla was a huge fortress with a bar, library/store, a computer workstation, two rooms with free foosball, a large concert space, a guest room designed for over a dozen people, multiple kitchens, storage, an entire floor of apartments, dining room, common space, laundry room, meeting room, and space left to expand.

During Lesser of Two’s tour in ’99 as well as subsequent tours by Embers, we played at many squats such as La Scintilla.

Before touring Europe for the first time, I always thought of squats as merely abandoned properties which people just occupied for shelter. As a teenager, some friends of mine and I had occupied a vacant warehouse. We brought furniture into an empty office in the warehouse and hung out there. I remember when Ash, the other guitarist on Lesser of Two’s first E.P., was kicked out of his parents’ house and began living in the warehouse.

Once his parents kicked him out he was living in the warehouse without electricity, and one of the only places we could plug in was a local park that was known as a pick-up spot for guys cruising for sex. Eventually Ash left town and Lesser of Two became a three piece with my wife, Kelly, who currently plays bass with me in Embers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011